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Daszkal Bolton LLP has significant experience serving the needs of micro and small to mid cap SEC registered companies in Boca Raton, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our firm has worked with numerous South Florida public companies  serving as both the financial statement auditor and providing services where independence conflicts requires another CPA firm. In addition, we have worked with pre-IPO companies and those working to gain public and equity debt status.


Our Public Company Services Include:


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Our firm offers an unmatched blend of perspective, “hands on” experience and technical knowledge. Members of our SEC Service Team have worked as the CFO of a publicly held company, regulator for the SEC and outside consultant providing complex regulatory advice and technical accounting services. As a result, we understand challenges you face in maintaining compliance with the SEC and other regulatory bodies. Daszkal Bolton LLP delivers practical and timely solutions to meet the changing needs of your organization.


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If you have been thinking about making a change because of service concerns, fee issues or due to independence regulations, Daszkal Bolton LLP is the firm to consider. Please click here to contact our SEC service specialists.